This feature allows routing traffic across two Vrf domains on the same switch using an external loopback cable

Secondary private VLAN trunk ports are introduced in the EOS 4.15.2F release. This feature can

OpenStack has a concept of shared tenant networks which let the admin can create a network which can be shared by all the

This feature enables configuring static IPv4 routes that specify the next hop by using an IPv6 address instead of an

Static multicast feature brings in capability to statically configure multicast routes on any Arista platform

This article describes the addition of a show command to display the mapping between tap and tool ports on a per

BGP routing information often contains more than one path to the same destination network. The BGP best-path selection algorithm determines which of these paths should be considered as the best path to that network.

As of EOS 4.15.2F, the support for the tuning of tunable DWDM 10G SFP+ transceivers (10GBASE DWDM) is added.

Trident2 is a Switch on Chip (SoC) single chip with support for up to 1280Gbps of forwarding capacity (oversubscribed

Unidirectional links is a feature that configures an Ethernet interface transmit and receive paths to be

This feature enables exchanging IPv4 NLRI using MP BGP over an IPv6 TCP connection.  Additionally, this feature

As of EOS 4.15.2F, VM Tracer adds support for VMware NSX V. This includes supporting NSX V specific features, improved

VXLAN multicast decapsulation enables VTEPs that only support HER (Head End Replication) to terminate multicast

VxLAN bridging enables stretching Layer 2 domains across a Layer 3 cloud. VxLAN routing provides the capability to

Up until now, the mirroring ACLs on the DCS 7150 series used to support only the security ACL rules. This meant that

EOS supports different scheduling policies which dictate the way packets at different transmit queues