The BGP extended communities support within EOS has been enhanced to include support for 4 octet AS Extended BGP

Aggregate storm control with traffic class option provides the capability to rate limit BUM(Broadcast, Unknown

 . ARP Relay feature for Vxlan DCI provides a solution for address resolution of hosts in a Vxlan overlay network

This document describes about RFC7130 on EOS. RFC7130 defines a mechanism to run BFD protocol on LAG with an

IPv6 support for BFD in ISIS. BFD provides a faster convergence in scaled deployments where using aggressive times

BGP Add Path TX allows for a BGP speaker to advertise multiple paths (instead of a single best path) for a prefix towards

The "set as path prepend" clause in route map configuration mode has been enhanced with the addition of the “last

To avoid hardware updates and route advertisement churn during switch reload or BGP instance start, BGP enters into

BGP Fallback AS offers the ability for BGP peering relationships be established with either the local as or the router

The default policy behavior is to permit/accept all routes when a BGP neighbor or peer group is configured with a route

The BGP Prefix Independent Convergence (PIC Edge) is an existing feature that was first introduced in EOS 4.15.0F.

This is an addition to the SSL certificate and key management feature added in EOS 4.15.0F.

Support of DSCP + ECN filter in ACL rules for QoS policy ma. Packet classification is supported on basis

The Commit Timer mechanism provides a way to automatically rollback changes done by a config session, unless

Support was added for the following platforms in 4.17.2F: 7050. 7060X. 7260X. 7050X. 7250X. 7300.

ACL based QoS marking and policing is supported on DCS 7160 switches. Currently we support IPv4 ACL based QoS via

Due to the external phy chip in the DCS 7260QX 64 platform, speed configurations on the QSFP front panel ports are

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a feature which can be used to provide an IP address to the interfaces on

Directed broadcast is method of transfer to send a packet to recipients in a target subnet. This is done by sending a

DirectFlow runs alongside the existing layer 2/3 forwarding plane, enabling a network architecture that

The BGP implementation now provides the ability to display the age of paths received for a given prefix using the

This enhancement is to display the number of packets that were ECN (Explicit Congestion Notification) marked by the

In ingress/egress and fabric/egress replication mode, on DCS 7280E, DCS 7280R, DCS 7500E and DCS 7500R, Broadcast,

IGMP Snooping Proxy feature is an optimization over IGMP snooping. When IGMP Snooping Proxy is enabled, the switch

Incoming LACPDU Rate Limit on Arista switches allows for errdisabling of ports experiencing a sustained rate of

The default behavior of a level 1 router running IS IS is to install a default route to a level 1 2 router present in a

LACP on Loopback Interfaces allows for Active Port Channels on one or more interfaces whose link endpoints terminate

LACP State Transition Event Monitoring on Arista switches allows for quick and filterable viewing of LACP state

If an MLAG flaps on one peer, then we may have to remap the MAC addresses learned, such that the reachability is via the

LANZ adds support for monitoring congestion on backplane (or fabric) ports on DCS 7304, DCS 7308, DCS 7316, DCS

The OSPF Non Stop Forwarding (NSF) feature adds support for Graceful OSPF Restart (IETF RFC 3623) and Graceful OSPFv3

The OSPF Max LSA Retransmission Threshold feature adds a configurable limit to the number of LSA update

EOS 4.21.3F adds support for OSPF Non Stop Forwarding in the multi agent routing protocol model.

EOS currently supports VXLAN L2 integration with external controllers using the Arista OVSDB HW VTEP schema ([HW

The per port per VLAN feature allows application of QoS policies for IP, IPv6 and non IP traffic on a per port per VLAN

DCS 7010T. DCS 7050X. DCS 7250X. DCS 7260X. DCS 7280E, DCS 7280R. DCS 7300X. DCS 7320X. DCS 7500E,

PFC (Priority based Flow Control) is a flow control mechanism used in RDMA environments. PFC provides a link level

Ingress policing on front panel ports is supported on DCS 7010X and DCS 7050X since EOS4.14.0F. When ingress policing

QoS profiles have been applicable on fabric and front panel ports across all platforms from EOS 4.17.0F release

The BGP Replace AS Path feature provides the capability to customize the AS PATH attribute for prefixes that are

Delay request messages can now be set from log 7 to 8. To configure: switch(config)#interface Et5/1.

A traffic storm is a flood of packets entering a network, resulting in excessive traffic and degraded performance.

This feature enables ACL functionality on subinterfaces. ACLs on subinterfaces are configured using the

Role based access control (RBAC) is an approach to regulating access to network resources based on the roles of

This feature adds support for viewing the Digital Optical Monitoring (DOM) parameters for the optics that support

Role based access control (RBAC) is an approach to regulating access to network resources based on the roles of

VxLAN bridging enables stretching Layer 2 domains across a Layer 3 cloud. VxLAN routing provides the capability to

The 7500 and 7280 switch series platforms have previously supported VXLAN bridging, which enables stretching of

WRED ( Weighted Random Early Detection ) is one of the congestion management techniques. 

EOS Yum support is a feature that allows yum repositories to be configured and saved in the running config. This allows