This feature adds support for 10Gb, 25Gb, and 50Gb speeds on additional ports of the 7280QRA C36S and 7280QR C72:

BGP Monitoring Protocol (BMP) allows a monitoring station to connect to a router and collect all of the BGP

The feature allows a simulated transceiver removal, without physically touching the module. This can be used for

Arista Macro Segmentation Service (MSS) is a service in CloudVision which dynamically places a firewall (FW) in the

This feature allows the network administrator to set a flag to allow the Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN)

ITU T G8275.2 is a Precision Time Protocol (PTP) profile defined by ITU T for telecommunication applications. It

This feature allows for redistributing DHCPv6 routes in Bgp in multi agent routing protocol mode.

This new CLI command provides all the DOM (Digital Optical Monitoring ) data of the transceiver for the operational

Static VRF label termination can be enabled at the egress PE to provide pop and route behavior. It allows one to one

Add the ability to generate SYSLOG messages when a transceiver's digital optical monitoring threshold is crossed.