This TOI describes a feature allowing packets that do not match any VLAN translations to be dropped from a port. This can be useful to drop selective Q-in-Q packets that do not receive a VLAN. The Configuration section details CLI commands used to configure the feature.

Dynamic CLI Access VLAN is a command that sets the effective access VLAN in a port without changing the running

A DMF fabric is made up of groups of switches, known as islands, that are connected over the data plane. There are no data plane connections between switches in different islands. When Push-Per-Filter forwarding is enabled, monitored traffic is forwarded within an island using the VLAN ID associated with a Filter Interface. These VLAN IDs are configurable. Previously, the only recommended configuration was for these VLAN IDs to be globally unique. 

Vlan DMF-8.4.0

This feature makes the PTP agent aware of VLANs, running with a single Best Master Clock Algorithm (BMCA). It allows

This feature allows traffic ingressing a VLAN to be mirrored. It mirrors based on the VLAN tag in the Ethernet header, so it is not port based.

Port wide port security: Port security with address limit on the port configured by the existing shutdown mode port