CloudVision WiFi

The CloudVision WiFi (CVW) service is available as a container on the Arista CloudVision platform. Once you activate the CVW service, you can configure, monitor, troubleshoot, and upgrade Arista WiFi access points using the cognitive CVW UI.

CVW Architecture provides a conceptual overview of the Arista CVW solution.

Figure 1: CVW Architecture

CVW is containerized within the CV whether it's CVA (CV on a CV appliance) or a standalone CV VM. The CVW service runs on both single-node CV and CV cluster. In case of a CV cluster, CVW operates as a single logical instance in High Availability mode (HA-mode).

CVW HA Mode Operation

When setting up CVW for the first time, it must be enabled on all the nodes of a cluster. Once CVW is enabled, then at boot time, the CVW service on the primary node automatically becomes the Active instance, and the one on the secondary node becomes the Standby instance. The HA failover and recovery mechanisms work exactly as expected. That is, if the primary node goes down, the CVW instance on the secondary node becomes active. When the primary node rejoins the cluster, a split-brain recovery kicks in and re-elects the new active and standby containers.

Key Features of CVW on CV

Except for OS and kernel processes, the CVW service on CV runs all the application processes required to manage Arista WiFi and wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS). Some key features of the CVW service are as follows:

  • CVW uses ports 3851 and 161 (both UDP) for all CV communication with external entities. These ports need to be opened in your network.
  • CVW consists of two key components:
    • wifimanager, the server that manages the WiFi network.
    • aware, the cognitive WiFi UI of the server.

Capacity of CVW on CV

The table below shows the number of access points (APs) that a CVW container supports for the given CPU, RAM, and hard disk settings. The CPU and RAM values displayed in this table are the default settings for a DCA-200 device; the actual capacity may vary based on deployment, environment, and load.

Table 1. Capacity of CVW on CV
Setting Up to 5000 APs
CPU 8 Core
Hard Disk 250 GB