Configuring Tap Aggregation Devices

CVP enables you to select and configure devices for tap aggregation. When you configure a device, you specify the tap aggregation interfaces, aggregation groups, and tool interfaces. You can also view the running configuration on the device and the differences between the designed configuration and running configuration.

You use the tap aggregation screen to select the device for configuration, and the Tap Aggregation Manager to configure the device.

Complete these steps to configure a device:

  1. Go to the tap aggregation screen.
    Figure 1: Initial Tap Aggregation Screen
  2. Click the pop-out icon of device you want to configure.
    Note: In case of a huge list, search for the device using the Filter search box.
    The Tap Aggregation Manager appears for the device you selected.
    Figure 2: Tap Aggregation Manager for Selected Device
  3. Specify the tap aggregation interfaces, aggregation groups, and tool interfaces as needed.
  4. (Optional) To view the running configuration for the device, click the Running Config button.
  5. Click Save to save the configuration for the device.