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Arista ranked #8 on the Fortune 100 Fastest Growing Companies 2018 August 21, 2018

Key to the growth of Arista Networks, a Silicon Valley computer networking company, is its partnerships with major corporations, including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Intel. The 10-year-old company has shipped more than 15 million cloud networking ports worldwide.

Arista Weaves Security Blanket Over Data Center, Campus and Cloud August 21, 2018

Arista is taking a big step in its march to becoming a full-service networking vendor, adding security to its portfolio. More precisely: Arista has always provided security in its products, but now the company is expanding its offerings to the campus and cloud, and making more of a point of talking about its security vision, the company announced Tuesday.

Arista Taps VMware, Zscaler to Create Consistent Cloud Security August 21, 2018

In two separate collaborations, Arista Networks is working with VMware and Zscaler to bring more consistent security policy to its customers. Arista is working with VMware to bring common security policy enforcement to virtual and physical workloads.

Arista Networks PICs its spot In security August 21, 2018

After establishing itself as an innovative network vendor, Arista has moved into the security market, addressing the challenges of 'places in cloud.'

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Arista Security for Cloud Networking: A Customer Perspective

Enterprise architectures are transforming, driven by private, public and hybrid cloud architectures delivering virtualized and cloud native applications. Protecting distributed assets on-prem and in the cloud from cyber attacks as well as conforming to new regulations, requires a fresh approach to security framework using open, software defined framework, across network, compute and security domains.