Proliferation of cloud architectures and principles are transforming the internet Routing landscape. New business models around Service Provider NFV, Cloud WAN, Content Edge and DCI are disrupting the traditional approaches to networking

The foundation of Arista's Routing solution is to apply the cloud principles of "scale-out, simplify, software-driven networking" to Routing. These solutions are based on Arista’s 7280R Universal Leaf and 7500R Universal Spine platforms, powered by Arista EOS® and CloudVision®. Customers can leverage these platforms for roles that require high performance Routing, combined with high port density and deep buffers, integrated DWDM and cloud automation, which traditional Routers are unable to offer. With the Arista FlexRoute™ engine in Arista R-series portfolio, customers can now architect, transform and modernize their Routing layer for different applications.


Arista R-Series Portfolio


Arista FlexRoute Demo


Key Highlights of Arista's Routing solutions:

  • Support for 1M+ Routes with Arista FlexRoute engine and EOS NetDBTM on 7500R/ 7280R platforms, with best-in-class Route convergence
  • Support for various tunneling technologies including VXLAN, MPLS, GRE, MPLSoGRE and programmable traffic steering
  • Support for MPLS - LDP, ISIS Segment Routing and BGP Labeled Unicast (BGP LU)
  • Support for various Network Virtualization solutions such as BGP EVPN
  • EOS NetDB provides real-time state streaming and analytics for live monitoring and historic forensic troubleshooting