Arista Networks is dedicated to providing 24x7x365 customer support to its customers. Arista TAC has a great team of networking experts who can assist you with any issues you may encounter. At Arista, we strive to provide you with a positive experience with our products.


For other, non-urgent issues, please feel free to send us an email at 이 이메일 주소가 스팸봇으로부터 보호됩니다. 확인하려면 자바스크립트 활성화가 필요합니다.. To assist with the investigation, please include the following with your communication:

  • The output of "show tech" from relevant Arista devices
  • A brief problem description
  • You may also wish to include a network topology diagram showing interconnections between devices.

Please register on our site and you will be granted access to the customer portal where you can submit service requests online as well. You can also upload relevant documents such as the "show tech" report and any related documents directly to the case.

Arista WiFi Technical Support

Arista WiFi Support provides comprehensive, accurate and timely technical support through our 24x7 customer support team. Our team is staffed with qualified engineers who specialize in WLAN and enterprise networking, in addition to CloudVision Wireless portfolio. Our technical support team follows strong, result-oriented processes and provides customers with the best-in-class services.

WiFi Support Contact Details

You can initiate a support case via the following:

  • Web: Arista Customer Portal
  • Email: 이 이메일 주소가 스팸봇으로부터 보호됩니다. 확인하려면 자바스크립트 활성화가 필요합니다. – (Please include problem description and supporting data, if available)
  • Phone:
      US: +1 (650) 641-0027
      UK: +44 203 751-5753
      India: +91 20 6645-4000

The support team solves a wide range of complex technical issues and also engages engineering and field engineers as needed to provide quick resolution and workarounds.

To view complete summary of cases and latest announcements, customers can access the Arista Customer Portal. This site also provides FAQs, troubleshooting tips, knowledge base, field alerts, release notes, product documentation, and product software upgrades.


Arista WiFi Maintenance Program

Customer Entitlements:

Arista Cognitive WiFi customers with active cloud services contracts and On-premise customers with active on-premise subscriptions have access to the following:

  • Software bug fixes, updates and upgrades.
  • Advance replacement of failed hardware with no RMA required.
  • Upgrade and update of cloud services in line with Arista Cognitive WiFi releases for cloud customers and access to software upgrades and updates for on-premise customers.
  • 24x7 phone, email, online support, with 2 hour response time for critical issues.

Severity Levels and Response Time

When a problem is reported to Arista Support, a ticket is created and a severity level assigned. The severity of the case determines the priority and time within which a support engineer will engage in the case.

Tickets with Severity Levels I or II are treated with high priority. Arista will assign the best possible resources to resolve the problem or provide a workaround in a timely manner. Tickets with Severity Levels III through V are treated as medium to low priority and resolved by the normal ticket handling process.

The following table provides the mapping of the severity level with the response time taken for resolution.

Severity Level Business Impact Description Support Best Effort Fix / Turnaround
I* Critical The customer has complete loss of service or resources for which no workaround exists and the customer's work cannot reasonably continue. Example: Unable to login to the Wireless manager. 2-Hours Work around or fix within 24-hours.
II* Serious The customer is experiencing significant or degraded loss of service from the application. Example: Where the WiFi works effectively but without the WIPS protection enabled. 4-Hours Work around or fix within 48-hours.
III* Minor The customer has experienced a minor loss of service. Example: A minor product flaw with a workaround. 8-Hours Best effort basis
IV None The customer's service or software is in full working mode; the customer's work is not being impeded at this time.
  • Minor feature problems, inadequate knowledge of the system or miscommunication about the issue.
12-Hours Best effort basis
V Enhancement Request Enhancement requests or recommendations for future products. Best effort basis Best effort basis

* Status is reported via phone or email as requested. Customers can also view the cases on support portal.

Escalation Guidelines

When a case of severity level I or II has been open for longer than the prescribed severity level time-limit listed above, it can be escalated by doing one of the following:

  • Call the Arista WiFi support number and request the case be escalated.
  • Email 이 이메일 주소가 스팸봇으로부터 보호됩니다. 확인하려면 자바스크립트 활성화가 필요합니다. with *HAVE Escalation* in the email subject line and case number (if available). The email body must also contain customer name and contact information, and a clear description of the issue.


Awake Security


How to Engage with Awake’s Customer Support Team

  • Web: Arista Customer Portal
  • Email: 이 이메일 주소가 스팸봇으로부터 보호됩니다. 확인하려면 자바스크립트 활성화가 필요합니다. (Please include problem description and supporting data, if available)
  • Phone: General Support: +1 (888) 532-0065 (US Pacific Time Business Hours)
  • Incident Response Team: +1 (866) 953-0095

Ensuring Your Success

Click here to access the Awake Security Resources page for links to Awake Support and Products now located on

The Awake Security Platform is delivered as a service that includes:
Content to be advised by Awake Team



Awake customizes the platform and detections for your organization. Awake experts assist with deploying and adapting the Awake Security Platform including providing detection for organization-specific threats, configuring integrations and setting up threat intelligence feeds.

Hardware & Software Support


Awake ensures the platform is operating effectively and keeps it updated. Awake provides repairs and hardware replacement as necessary and our customer success engineers work with you on upgrades for new capabilities that help you detect and respond to changing attacker tactics, techniques and procedures.

AI-powered Detection and Response

Ava™, Awake’s security expert system, monitors your network and alerts you to any critical threats, while human experts provide monthly reports.

Expertise On-Demand

Optional quarterly threat briefings and access to Awake’s threat researchers and incident responders.

Response Times

Awake will make commercially reasonable efforts to meet the following targeted response times:

Severity Definition Targeted Response Time
Level I The platform is non-functional or significant components are unusable. < 4 business hours
Level II One or more key features are not operating as documented. < 1 business day
Level III Minor components are not operating as documented. < 3 business days

Arista A-Care Service Offerings

Arista A-Care is designed to provide you with world-class support when and where you need it. With the goal of minimizing any network impact or downtime through fast problem resolution, Arista A-Care service offerings provide support on a 24x7x365 basis with the following components:

  • Global Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
  • Online Resources
  • Worldwide Advance Hardware Replacement and an option for onsite hardware replacement services.

.A-Care Services Overview



Arista Global TAC

Arista Global TAC provides you with 24x7x365 coverage for your product support needs around the world. You can obtain help anytime by email, phone or through the Arista website. Arista TAC engineers have many years of networking experience and are well-versed on the entire Arista product portfolio to help you quickly resolve problems and maximize network uptime. When you reach out for help, an Arista TAC engineer may already know of a solution based on our internal database of customer cases. Online Resources

With all of the A-Care Service offerings, you can access various resources online anytime. This includes:

  • Software Downloads: Unlimited access to the software download section where you can obtain new software maintenance releases as well a new feature releases. This includes EOS, vEOS, and CloudVision software.
  • Notification Service: Proactive notifications for known software and hardware issues, including security vulnerabilities, allowing you to take action before you run into any known issues.
  • Release Recommendations: Access to software release recommendations for helping in picking the most appropriate software version for your environment.
  • Bug Portal Access: Access to the Arista Bug Portal for reviewing known caveats and associated details.
  • Online Case Management: Customer portal to create new cases, provide updates, and upload necessary files in a secure manner.
  • Arista Community Forums via EOS Central: Our online forums help you share insights with other members of the community and leverage collective knowledge to better your experience with our products.

Advance Hardware Replacement

A-Care Service offerings provide worldwide RMA and advance hardware replacement with flexible choices to meet the operational needs of our customers. The offering includes two primary delivery options:

  • Standard shipment-based delivery for advance replacement hardware, with options for Next Business Day, 4 Hour, and 2 Hour service levels. These services are available via SKUs starting with ‘SVC’.
  • Onsite installation for advance replacement hardware, performed by an onsite engineer with options for Next Business Day and 4 Hour service levels. These services are available via SKUs starting with ‘OSV’.

.Onsite Service Overview


Customers are able to choose the level of coverage on their capital investment that is most appropriate for your business. In addition, when you chose to obtain hardware support, you will receive proactive notifications about known hardware issues.


Arista A-Care Services at a Glance

A-Care Next Business A-Care 4 Hour A-Care 2 Hour
  Shipment (SVC) Shipment (SVC) Onsite Service (OSV) Shipment (SVC) Onsite Service (OSV) Shipment (SVC)
Unlimited 24x7 TAC access . . . . . .
Software Download . . . . . .
Online Case Management . . . . . .
Arista Networks Community Forums . . . . . .
Advance Replacement of Hardware . . . . . .
RMA service level Standard Delivery Next Business Day Next Business Day 4-Hour 4-Hour 2-Hour
RMA Installation Self Self Arista Tech Self Arista Tech Self

Shipment-based RMA Service Coverage Areas

Arista Service Depots are equipped to respond to our customers to meet their business needs - from Next Business Day, to 2-Hour, to 4-Hour advance replacements. Arista's global service coverage is shown in the map below.

In addition to the above active locations, Arista can bring on new locations as needed through our vast network of worldwide logistics partners.