In a VXLAN routing setup using VXLAN Controller Service (VCS), this feature will enable the following on a switch that is running as a VCS client.

Overlay IPv6 routing over VXLAN tunnel using an anycast gateway (direct routing) has been previously supported using the “ipv6 virtual-router” configuration for both the data-plane and EVPN (or CVX) control-plane learning environments. 

Starting with EOS release 4.22.0F, the EVPN VXLAN L3 Gateway using EVPN IRB supports routing traffic from one IPV6

In certain VXLAN deployments with either NSX/Logical Router or EVPN IRB, active nodes hosting a virtual IP address

Selective ARP install is the selective programming of remote ARPs in hardware as received through EVPN Type 2 MAC IP