The DANZ Monitoring Fabric (DMF) optimizes transport port ranges and VLAN ranges within a single match rule. Improvements in DMF 8.5 now support cross-match rule optimization.

This feature removes unwanted or unneeded bytes from a packet at a configurable byte position (offset). This approach is beneficial when the data of interest is situated within the headers or early in the packet payload. This action reduces the volume of the monitoring stream, particularly in cases where payload data is not necessary.

Timestamping is an essential tool for network engineering and performance analysis. Users who wish to use the timestamping functionality of 7280R3 switches can now do so in their DMF environment. This functionality allows setting a high-precision timestamp on every data stream packet for analysis—the hardware clock of the switch syncs using PTP to attain high precision. Users choose a data stream by configuring a policy and enabling this feature on the same policy. Filter switches receiving production traffic in the DMF fabric use this feature to timestamp packets by matching them to the timestamping policy and forwarding these packets to tools using configured delivery interfaces in the policy.