An interface may be a source for both a mirroring session and sFlow at the same time. For more information about mirroring and ingress and egress sFlow look in the Resources section below.

sFlow is a technology for monitoring traffic in data networks containing switches and routers. This document details supported platforms for the sFlow Version 5 specification, as well as which platforms are supported for various flow_data and sample_data types.

This feature allows packets from MPLS and non MPLS flows with the same source and destination IP addresses to be hashed to the same output lag member in tap aggregation mode.

GRE ( Generic Routing Encapsulation ) packet header has a Key extension which is used by Arista to carry packet metadata. Currently packets mirrored at egress to a GRE tunnel destination do not have this information. This feature could be used to enable metadata in egress mirrored packets to GRE destinations.