The 7170 load balancer is a layer 4 load balancer providing high packet processing throughput.

4.24.0F adds Accelerated Software Upgrade (ASU) support to the 7170 series.  Accelerated Software Upgrade

The hardware based implementation of the firewall uses a segment security model. In the segment security model,

4.26.0F adds Latency ANalyZer (LANZ) support to the Arista 7170 series. LANZ monitors the egress queue usage through

The NAT Flow feature is an unusual NAT feature that allows the translation of traffic streams in ways that go beyond the typical translations achieved with NAT. In that sense, the feature is not strictly a standard NAT feature; it can be seen as a combination of NAT and DirectFlow.

Route Cache is a feature where users can configure Static EVPN VXLAN routes beyond the hardware capacity. The