This feature adds support for BGP peering over IPv6 link local addresses. This feature is available with the with the

BGP EOS 4.22.1F Link Local Peering

BGP Non Stop Forwarding (NSF) aims to minimize the traffic loss when the the following scenarios occur:

This feature allows failover to backup path to occur in constant time per interface going down for features such as RSVP link protection, RSVP node protection, TI-LFA link protection, and BGP PIC. Without this feature enabled, it would take time proportional to the number of paths going over the interface experiencing the link down event to failover to the backup path. 

As of 4.22.1F Load Balance Profiles can be used to explicitly configure ECMP Load Balance parameters. In addition,

The General Router ID configuration provides the ability to configure a common Router ID for all routing protocols

BGP OSPF Isis EOS 4.22.1F Router Id

In campus network deployments, classification of the devices connected to a switch port is required. Based on the

EOS 4.22.1F