BGP Non Stop Forwarding (NSF) aims to minimize the traffic loss when the the following scenarios occur:

A variety of dynamic counter features, primarily configured by the [no] hardware counter feature [feature] CLI commands, may be enabled simultaneously. Compatibility of these features has been enhanced to allow for greater flexibility in simultaneously enabled counter features. 

IS IS flexible algorithm (FlexAlgo) provides a lightweight, simplified mechanism for performing basic traffic

This feature will allow the user to select whether port mirror destinations of type GRE tunnel include the optional key field in the GRE header on certain platforms.

Generic UDP Encapsulation (GUE) is a general method for encapsulating packets of arbitrary IP protocols within a UDP tunnel. GUE provides an extensible header format with optional data. In this release, the ability to encapsulate MPLS over GUE packets of variant 1 header format has been added.