Security MAC ACLs can be used to permit and/or deny ethernet packets on the egress port by matching on the following

This document describes the L2GRE feature for Jericho switches. L2GRE tunnel support for DMF enables virtual connectivity when the DMF fabric lacks physical connectivity to either the production network, tool devices, or both. It does so by tunneling traffic from the production network to the DMF fabric or from the DMF fabric to tool devices. Using tunnels as core links enables virtual connectivity where the DMF fabric is not physically connected. 

Jericho2 DMF-8.4.0 Tunnels

This TOI describes details and limitations of Stateful Switchover on Modular chassis with 7500R3, 7800R3, 7800R3A based line cards.

Add support for Layer 3 MTU on 7280R3/7500R3/7800R3 switches. Enforces the MTU for Layer 3 packets on

MTU 4.23.1F Jericho2