A typical multicast receiver expresses interest in a multicast stream by sending IGMP messages, the last hop router would then convert this IGMP to a PIM message and propagate upstream. As part of this feature when an IGMP message or PIM message is received in a VRF and there is a corresponding VRF leak configuration, the IGMP / PIM state is then leaked into the source VRF and processed only in the source VRF.

IPv4 and IPv6 multicast routing, private VLANs, and egress VLAN translation are supported on EOS, but on prior releases and on certain platforms they did not work correctly when used in combination.  In those cases, routed multicast packets that egress on an interface with VLAN translation or on a private VLAN would not egress on the correct VLAN.  The configured VLAN translation or private VLAN would not be applied.