This document describes the PFC (priority-based flow control) history counters that are available to debug network oversubscription issues. These counters track statistics on the switch that is sending network traffic at a rate that is more than what its peer can handle.

DCS 7050X/X2/X3 series. DCS 7060X/X2/X3 series. In previous releases, PFC Watchdog supported only queues

PFC 4.21.1F

Priority Flow Control is a link layer flow control mechanism which may be used by an overwhelmed network node to ask its

4.21.0F PFC

Priority Flow Control (PFC) Watchdog feature monitors interfaces for priority flow control Pause storm. If such

PFC 4.21.1F

Priority-based flow control (PFC) buffer counters track ingress port buffer usage for each packet priority. This feature displays the high watermark buffer usage over two time intervals: a polling interval (by default 2 seconds) and the encompassing interval since the counters were cleared. The PFC buffer counter watermarks can be used to expose bursty and transient ingress buffer resource usage. High watermark values indicate congestion conditions that could explain packet loss.