Boot LoaderAboot

Aboot is the boot loader for Arista switches. In addition to booting the switch EOS, Aboot provides a shell for changing boot parameters, restoring default switch settings, diagnosing hardware problems, and managing switch files. Aboot Shell describes the Aboot shell.

The boot process loads an EOS image file, initiates switch processes, performs self tests, restores interface settings, and configures other network parameters. The replacement image file can be in the switch’s flash or on a device in the flash drive port. Configuration files stored in flash memory specify boot parameters.

Aboot supports most available USB flash drive models. The flash drive must be formatted with the FAT or VFAT file system. Windows NT File System (NTFS) is not supported.

Aboot initiates a system reboot upon a reload command or by restoring power to the switch. Before loading the EOS image file, Aboot provides an option to enter the Aboot shell. The user can either enter the shell to modify boot parameters or allow the switch to boot.

The boot process can be monitored through a terminal connected to the console port. The console port is configured to interact with the terminal by configuration file settings.