EOS Licensing

The Arista EOS feature set is designed to provide flexibility both in the choice of the appropriate feature functionality and in the software consumption model. The base feature set of Arista EOS comes bundled with the Arista products and systems. A set of feature licenses are available to enable additional functionality in advanced feature sets.

The following diagrams depict the two primary groupings for the advanced feature sets:


EOS Licensing Figure 1

Figure 1: EOS and CloudVision Software Licensing summary

  • Routing: General Routing functionality (BGP, Multicast, etc) is available in the E license. The FLX Lite license expands that to include BGP-EVPN for VXLAN. The FLX license is the superset that also includes larger routing tables and MPLS features.
  • Automation/Visibility: This feature grouping includes the device level automation and visibility features in the Z license, including eAPI, State Streaming, LANZ, DANZ, and the Tracers. Building on that, CloudVision Lite includes the Z license features and adds the CloudVision VXLAN integration with overlay controllers (OVSDB-based integration for VMware NSX, other, or OpenStack).


The ‘EOS Platform License mapping’ and ‘Automation/ Visibility’ sections provide further details of each model.

Platform License model

The EOS licenses are tiered by both feature set and platform. The specific feature mapping for each license is shown in the table below:

EOS Licensing Figure 1

Figure 1: Software license to feature mapping

The following section explains how EOS licenses map to the platforms. The platform mapping model uses a SKU naming convention, subdivided into fixed and modular platforms. The Platform to License SKU mapping is available here.

The EOS licensing for platforms employs a perpetual term for the right to use the feature. The model is subdivided for fixed and modular platforms as follows:

Fixed Switching Platforms

The perpetual license on Arista fixed configuration 1RU and 2RU switches are subdivided based on the aggregate bandwidth of the switch represented at 10Gb port equivalents. Each of the licenses are subdivided into the following categories

  • LIC-FIX-1-X*: This licenses features on 24-36 equivalent ports of 10Gb
  • LIC-FIX-2-X*: This licenses features on 40-132 equivalent ports of 10Gb
  • LIC-FIX-3-X*: This licenses features on 144-256 equivalent ports of 10Gb
  • LIC-FIX-4-X*: This licenses features on 288-640 equivalent ports of 10Gb

*Where X can be FLX, FLX-Lite, E, V or Z licenses

Modular Switching Platforms

EOS licenses for modular switches are based on the total number of linecard slots. Each of the licenses are subdivided into the following categories

  • LIC-MOD-1-X*: This licenses features on modular switches with 4 linecard slots
  • LIC-MOD-2-X*: This licenses features on modular switches with 8 linecard slots
  • LIC-MOD-3-X*: This licenses features on modular switches with 12 linecard slots

1 Gigabit Switching Platforms

EOS licensing for 1G platforms are slightly modified from the other 10G and above platforms. FLX and FLX-Lite licenses are now available for 1G platforms, covering a subset of the features available for 10G fixed platforms.

The following licenses are offered as perpetual licenses:

  • LIC-FIX-FLX-1G: Includes route scale (32K-200K routes), EVPN, VXLAN, E & V features
  • LIC-FIX-FLX-L-1G: Includes route scale (up to 32K routes), EVPN, VXLAN, E & V features
  • LIC-7048-E: Includes enhanced Layer 3 routing protocols and features LIC-7048-E
  • LIC-7048-V : Includes Virtualization features LIC-7048-V
  • Z license is included with the base EOS image, providing Network Monitoring and Provisioning features



EOS Licensing Figure 1

Figure 1: EOS and CloudVision Software Licensing summary

Arista EOS CloudVision Licensing Model

Arista CloudVision is built on a term-based software subscription licensing model, complementing the other EOS advanced feature licenses which are perpetual licenses. The EOS CloudVision licenses are platform independent, with no mapping to any particular hardware device SKUs. There are two tiers of CloudVision Licenses available - CloudVision and CloudVision-Lite. The feature sets for these licenses are defined below in Figure 2. The CloudVision-Lite license is only currently available for fixed configuration 1RU and 2RU platforms.

CloudVision Licensing Figure 2

CloudVision Licensing Figure 3

Figure 2: Mapping of Software features to CloudVision License

The following table provides details on CloudVision license tiers:

Per Device (1 unit)
Up to 150 switches
Up to 500 switches
Enterprise (unlimited # of switches)
CloudVision LiteScope
SS-CV-LT-SWITCH-1M Per Device (1 unit)
CloudVision for LabScope
SS-CV-SWITCH-LAB-1M Lab Use Only: CloudVision SW Subscription License for 1-month for up to 10 Switches

Arista EOS as Subscription (EaaS) Licensing Model

The Arista EOS as a Subscription (EaaS) licensing is an alternative procurement model from traditional bundled licenses. It is designed for customers looking for OpEx and CapEx payment flexibility.

With Arista EaaS, EOS software is licensed as a monthly subscription. EaaS is available for a limited set of Arista switches, which are available as “hardware-only” items. These hardware-only items include 3 years of Next-Business Day hardware replacement.

EaaS is available as a choice of two feature sets: EaaS and EaaS+CloudVision.

The EaaS License includes all available EOS base and the set of advanced features (Baseline, E, V and Z), and includes 24x7 software A-Care support. This license does not include any additional CloudVision functionality.

The EaaS+CloudVision licenses include all EOS base and advanced features and the completed CloudVision feature set. The EaaS+CloudVision license also includes with 24x7 software A-Care support.

Currently, EaaS is available on following platforms:

7050TX-48 7160-32CQ
7050SX-64 7160-48YC6
7050TX-64 7160-48TC6
7050TX-128 7050QX-32S
7050SX-128 7280SR-48C6

The following software license SKUs are available for EaaS

SS-EOS-Enh-FIX1-1M EOS Subscription for 1-Month includes EOS E/V/Z/FLX-LITE Licenses and ACare SW for 1RU systems
SS-EOS-Enh-FIX2-1M EOS Subscription for 1-Month includes EOS E/V/Z/FLX-LITE Licenses and ACare SW for 2RU systems