MetaWatch is a powerful network application designed for the Arista 7130L Series devices.

It simplifies tapping networks, enables traffic capture with high-resolution timestamping, allows for advanced network monitoring and detailed network analytics.

Arista MetaWatch

MetaWatch combines several components of a traditional network monitoring solution into one powerful device:

  • Tapping with negligible latency impact
  • Flow-control of aggregated captured traffic
  • Time synchronisation
  • Sub-nanosecond-precise timestamping
  • Deep buffering
  • Multi-port capture

MetaWatch provides all features with virtually no impact on the monitored network performance and enables a seamless stream of timestamped frames to storage and analytics tools.

Features Benefits
Built in tapping Eliminate the need for optical taps. Save rack space and remove unreliable, expensive and complex cabling.
Stream aggregation Aggregate streams from multiple sources into a single stream for efficient hand off to data capture and analytics devices.
High-resolution ingress timestamping Timestamp each incoming frame with a precision of 1 ns by a clock disciplined via NTP or PTP, optionally coupled with PPS.
Industry standard timestamp formats Leverage standard absolute timestamp formats, not requiring keyframes, making development and integration easier. Also supported by major capture and analytics platforms.
Deep buffering Smooth out traffic peaks to prevent frame loss via MetaWatch's large 32GB buffers.
Ultra-low latency Patch devices through the on-board matrix switch with 5 ns of pass-through latency — equivalent to a meter of fibre!
Upgradable Include high-stability OCXO or Rubidium Atomic clock modules for improved oscillator accuracy and extended holdover stability.
Detailed per-port Ethernet statistics Monitor the quality of the source interface directly for light levels and frame statistics.
Physical interface abstraction Configure the relationship between physical ports and internal capture and aggregation ports for complete flexibility.
Capture device, port information and other metadata Track device ID and incoming port ID included in the appended trailer for every captured frame or configure with customizable identifiers. Other metadata such as sequence number can also be configured.
Optional frame truncation Reduce the bandwidth required for aggregated streams when frame payloads are not needed for analysis.
Flow control and traffic shaping Allow capture/analytics platforms to ingest the output from MetaWatch at a rate the application can sustain.

MetaWatch is a pre-packaged, qualified, calibrated solution, giving customers confidence that they are capturing and timestamping all data on the network.

It Replaces:

  • Up to 48 passive taps
  • A packet broker/tap aggregation switch
  • Network timestamping cards
  • Media converters, patch panels, and all other Layer 1 switch use cases

Optimized for:

Compatible Analytics Solutions:

  • MetaWatch adds information to each packet to record time and other metadata. Several analytics and capture products can ingest these timestamps off the shelf, including our own DANZ Monitoring Fabric, as well as ...

    7130 Partner Applications

    7130 Partner Applications

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