Arista 的 CloudVision CUE™ 解决方案使无线网络能够学习、预测、保护和进步,从而优化无线体验。CloudVision CUE 利用云、大数据分析和自动化的强大功能,凭借智能、速度和准确性优势增强网络管理能力。通过根本原因分析和主动解决问题的选项,CloudVision CUE 还可以减少平均解决问题时间,最大限度减少网络的故障排除工作。


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Centralized Management with CloudVision CUE

Wi-Fi access points are centrally managed without the need for additional hardware appliances. Access points directly connect to CloudVision CUE, Arista’s centralized cloud management solution for wireless access points, that offers seamless scalability as your network expands.

CloudVision CUE is at the core of Arista’s cloud-native approach to enterprise Wi-Fi networks. It enables centralized management of wireless access points (APs) simplifying policy management and provisioning of Wi-Fi networks. At the network edge, APs are equipped with distributed algorithms to handle control plane functions locally. This decoupling of management and control planes, along with a flexible data plane that allows wireless access points to provide customizable traffic redirection at the network's edge, results in a more robust network, without single points of failure. Coupled with zero-touch provisioning, CloudVision CUE enables seamless scaling of the network from a few to 100,000s of APs.

Virtually unlimited and elastic availability of storage and compute resources eliminates artificial boundaries inherent in controller-based WLAN architectures. Many innovative and previously unforeseen applications in big data analytics, machine learning and cognitive computing are now possible with Arista Wi-Fi.

Cognitive Management Plane

The Arista Wi-Fi cognitive management plane simplifies configuration and troubleshooting while delivering rich telemetry information to network administrators. Arista leverages the power of the cloud and the massive data sets available across the user base to continuously perform supervised and unsupervised learning to apply AI concepts. Inference models are created to arrive quickly at the root cause of any poor experience and proactively provides this information along with suggested remediation to provide the smallest mean time to resolution.

Key Wi-Fi Features

Network Baselining Baselines network behavior and automatically detects and highlights anomalies, using ML algorithms.
Root Cause Analysis Engine Automatically detects and classifies Wi-Fi clients’ connection failures and pinpoints the root cause in real-time.
Single Client Inferencing Identifies clients facing poor QoE, based on RF, network and application KPIs and performs root cause analysis as well as providing remediation recommendations for specific clients.
Automatic Packet Capture Proactively captures packet traces to help diagnose problems; traces are stored alongside related failures or symptoms to simplify troubleshooting later.
Client Emulation and Network Profiling Takes advantage of the multi-function radio, present in most Arista Wi-Fi APs, turning it into a client to run a wide variety of tests and proactively identify problems before users do.

The Cognitive Management Plane is driven by Arista’s NetDB, a state-based, cloud-hosted, network-wide database that collects real-time data streamed from wired and wireless devices for cognitive analytics. CloudVision CUE’s capabilities can be extended further by integration with 3rd party applications using OpenConfig via Webhooks and Arista’s ReST API framework.

Wireless Intrusion Prevention

With a multi-function radio acting as a wireless intrusion prevention (WIPS) sensor, wireless threats are detected and blocked almost instantly in your network. CloudVision CUE works with the APs, which are powered by patented techniques such as Marker PacketsTM, to enable surgical over-the-air intrusion prevention, automatically and accurately creating alerts and automatically classifying wireless threats. CloudVision CUE uses behavior based detection of threats; rather than a signature based approach; to enable zero day protection without chasing exploits, tools and their signatures.
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Secure Client Access

Arista Guardian for Network Identity or AGNI connects the network, users, and devices across remote and geographically dispersed locations. Based on Arista’s flagship CloudVision, the new AGNI platform brings a revolutionary improvement to scalability, simplicity, and security across users, their associated endpoints, and IoT devices.
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Additionally, CloudVision CUE supports flexible end user access management in enterprise Wi-Fi networks by enabling seamless integration with leading identity management solutions such as Aruba ClearPass, ForeScout NAC, Cisco ISE etc. Arista Guest Manager provides multiple ways for guest access in the enterprise including Guestbook, vouchers, OTP-based etc.

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Arista offers a broad range of indoor and outdoor access points including the latest in wireless technology, Wi-Fi 7, providing reliable and high performing wireless connectivity for users.

Advanced access point features include:

  • Zero-touch deployment for plug and play provisioning that takes less than two minutes to activate and configure an access point after connecting to the cloud.
  • Multifunction radios to provide critical functions to monitor, manage and protect the network. CloudVision CUE optimizes and protects the network by leveraging continuously monitored data sources using multifunction radios including client locationing information, packet capture analysis, client simulation/network assurance testing, RRM scanning, rogue access point detection, and spectrum analysis.
  • Advanced network protection with built-in Arista WIPS technology provides the highest security on the wireless and wired network.

Wi-Fi 7 Access Points

Embrace the newest Wi-Fi technology available with the Arista Wi-Fi 7 access points. Wi-Fi 7 builds on top of the 6 GHz spectrum that was made available with Wi-Fi 6E, and previous generation standards including Wi-Fi 6, to make Wi-Fi more efficient & reliable, while providing higher bandwidth and lower latency. Arista’s Wi-Fi 7 enterprise grade access points feature concurrent 6GHz, 5GHz and 2.4GHz 4 stream 802.11be operation, integrated IoT support, and integrated GNSS radio for location based applications. The multi-function, tri-band radio provides security, network assurance and AI/ML driven troubleshooting.
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Wi-Fi 6E Access Points

Arista Wi-Fi 6E access points provide maximized wireless performance for high bandwidth, ultra low-latency applications and IoT connectivity. Wi-Fi 6E access points are designed for immediate and future worldwide operation with investment protection.
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Wi-Fi 6 Access Points

All Arista Wi-Fi Access Points support WIPS functionality, either via the multi-function radio or with background scan enabled on the access radios. Wi-Fi 6 is ideal for critical, high-density networks serving a high volume of diverse clients and applications. Common deployment scenarios include large schools, large remote offices, auditoriums, meeting rooms, and enterprise campuses. A variety of access points for indoor or outdoor use is available.
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