The Arista OSFP-400G-SRBD and QDD-400G-SRBD modules (Sometimes referred to as “400G-BIDI” or “400G-SR4.2”) may be used with other 400G-BIDI / 400G-SR4.2 modules, or connected to four 100G-BiDi modules indicated below.

In an optical transceiver, electrical signals leaving the switch are converted to optical signals in the transmit path. Optical signals arriving at the transceiver are converted to electrical signals that enter the switch in the receive path. At the point of conversion, an automatic decision can be made to turn off (squelch) output when the input level drops below a certain threshold of usability (usually, LOS condition.) This is referred to as automatic squelching.

QSFP+ modules that support TX power DOM will now display the reported TX power value via show interfaces transceiver.