A new configuration command label local-termination explicit-null under BGP LU address family allows BGP LU speakers to send explicit-null labels for prefixes for which the router is a terminating LSP node. The prefix is expected to be originating locally (via network command).

The new show command show configuration consistency adds the ability to check for “dangling” references in the configuration. For example, it is possible to configure an access-list, TEST-ACL, to an interface (ip access-group TEST-ACL in), without actually defining TEST-ACL (ip access-list TEST-ACL). This show command will list such “undefined” references.

This feature extends link bandwidth extended community deletion mechanism, which previously always required

The CLI command “show rib route ip[ipv6]” and its sub commands (e.g. “show rib route ip

Unequal cost multi path (UCMP) for BGP is a mechanism for forwarding ECMP route traffic using weights, with which the

This feature implements support for RFC8203/BIS so that users can attach the reason of BGP instance or peer session