Wan Routing System solution provides connectivity between different enterprise branches, DCs and head office across different geographical regions, zones and sites by using the best optimal path available based on the type of application.

IS-IS flexible algorithm (FlexAlgo) provides a lightweight, simplified mechanism for performing basic traffic engineering functions within a single IS-IS area. FlexAlgo requires the cooperation of all nodes within the IS-IS area but does not require an external controller. Paths are computed by each node within the area, resulting in an MPLS switched forwarding path to nodes that are advertising a node Segment Identifier (SID) for the algorithm. The results of the path computation are placed in the colored tunnel RIB or system tunnel RIB, which simplifies route resolution.

The General Router ID configuration provides the ability to configure a common Router ID for all routing protocols

IP Source Guard (IPSG) is a security feature that can help prevent IP spoofing attacks. It filters inbound IP packets

Static ARP inspection is a security feature that verifies the source IP and the source MAC addresses of each received