Bug Alerts is a service that runs on Arista CloudVisionTM eXchange (CVX) that provides customers with information on

In an MLAG setup, periodic TCP/UDP heartbeats are sent over peer link to ensure IP connectivity between peers. Prior

MapReduce Tracer is an existing feature that monitors MapReduce nodes that are directly connected to Arista

IS IS SR feature provides knobs to configure various types of segments which are distributed as part of IS IS LSPs (Link

The Label Distribution Protocol (LDP) is a protocol in the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) context that allows

EOS 4.17.0F adds support for IPv4 address family in OSPFv3 (multiple address family support) based on RFC5838.

EOS 4.17.0F adds support for BFD in OSPFv3. BFD provides a faster convergence in scaled deployments where using

This feature enables dataplane forwarding of IPv4 traffic on interfaces that are not IPv4 address enabled, but only

The sub route map configuration simplifies routing policies by sharing common policy across route maps. Common

Currently, the 'maximum routes' knob allows one to set an upper bound on the number of routes that can be received from a

This feature provides the ability to track the reason why a BGP path is excluded from the BGP best path selection

IS IS adjacency uptime describes the uptime or downtime of neighbors since the last state change.

This feature enables an Arista switch to run the IS IS routing protocol over a tunnel interface to another IS IS