802.1X information shows which endpoints have authenticated, are undergoing authentication, or have failed to

The way to access logs has changed for on prem cvp from 2020.1.0 onwards. Earlier, the logs for each and every component

There are a number of events available for thresholds of XCVR data via DOM metrics within CVP. Previously no aspect of

The Connectivity Monitor allows users to view latency, jitter, HTTP response time and packet loss data for the

This TOI covers the new Dashboards app that is replacing the Metrics app. Dashboards app is aiming to

The new Image Management feature can be enabled via the “Image management (Beta)” toggle under the Settings >

Within the CVP infrastructure, network overlays allow the CVP application pods to run in their own isolated network

The new Events app uses a new backend service for querying events, resulting in much faster filtering. Results are

This document describes the newly added feature of enforcing non author approval for change control reviews,

This is a feature available in the Topology view that allows the user to limit the devices and links that will be

CVP upgrade script is not transactional, i.e if the upgrade fails at some intermediate step, one cannot simply re run

This document covers ZTP with Hardware Authentication, a new feature available with on-prem CVP.