Virtual ARP (VARP) allows multiple switches to simultaneously route packets from a common IP address in an active

Varp 4.24.2F Fhrp

This feature adds a CLI knob to allow disabling the ENTITY STATE traps entStateOperEnabled &

In a Service Provider network, a Provider Edge (PE) device learns VPN paths from remote PEs and uses the Route Target


Dynamic CLI Access VLAN is a command that sets the effective access VLAN in a port without changing the running

This feature enables support for Macro Segmentation Service (MSS) to insert security devices into the traffic path


Typical Wi Fi networks utilize a single, central Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) to act as a gateway between the

EOS supports the ability to match on a single VLAN tag (example: encapsulation dot1q vlan 10)  or a VLAN tag pair (example: encapsulation dot1q vlan 10 inner 20) to map matching packets to an interface. In this case, the encapsulation string is considered consumed by the mapped interface before forwarding, which means that the tags are effectively removed from the incoming packet for the purposes of any downstream forwarding.

gNOI (gRPC Network Operations Interface) defines a set of gRPC based microservices for executing operational

OpenConfig GNOI 4.24.2F

In rare circumstances, a Single Event Upset may cause an underflow in the free list of buffers of a switch chip. This can

LDP End of LIB is a signaling enhancement defined in RFC 5919 to allow an LDP speaker to notify a neighbor when it has

The LDP pseudowire feature provides support for emulating Ethernet connections over a Multiprotocol Label

This article describes some enhanced mirroring configurations in addition to the ones described in

Mirroring Sand 4.24.2F

Support for running multiple CLI commands in one line separated by semicolons. Multiple CLI commands

CLI 4.24.2F Multi Command

The candidate configuration feature implements support for a candidate data store as specified in RFC6241.

An OSPF router can attract all traffic towards itself from within the OSPF network, by advertising a default route.

Section 9.5 of RFC2328 “OSPF Version 2” states that the mask in Hello packets should be set to when

OSPF 4.24.2F

This feature rewrites the overlay source MAC address of the packet which egresses the switch after the VXLAN

This TOI describes a set of enhancements made to the existing Port Security: Protect Mode (PortSec-Protect) feature. Please see the existing TOI for this feature here:Port Security: Protect Mode

This feature is an extension of Qos Policy. It allows the user to configure Qos Policy Map counters. If a class map is

QoS Policy Counter 4.24.2F

This document describes the feature that allows redistribution of DHCPv6 routes into OSPFv3. This

Route Cache is a feature where users can configure Static EVPN VXLAN routes beyond the hardware capacity. The

This feature adds support for ‘match ip(v6) resolved next hop’ clause under route map config for BGP policy

The “set as path prepend” and “set as path match all replacement” route map configuration clauses now have a


This feature adds support for “Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB)” on Equal Cost Multi Path (ECMP) groups.
It is intended to help overcome the potential shortcomings of traditional hash-based load balancing by considering the traffic load of members of ECMP groups. DLB considers the state of the port while assigning egress ports to packets, resulting in a more even flow. The state of each port member is determined by measuring the amount of data transmitted from a given port and total number of packets enqueued to a given port.

Unidirectional links is a feature that configures an Ethernet interface transmit and receive paths to be

The VxLAN VTEP counters feature allows the device to count VxLAN packets received and sent by the device on a per VTEP

Counters VXLAN 4.24.2F

The VxLAN VTEP counters feature allows the device to count VxLAN packets received and sent by the device on a per VTEP

Counters VXLAN 4.24.2F

Some devices connected to Dot1x port in trunk phone mode won’t start authentication until it is awakened with a