In EOS 4.18.1, support for 25G/50G is added on 7500R, 7280R, 7500R2 and 7280R2 series. This feature provides forced

TOI EOS 4.15.1F EOS 4.18.1F 25G

This article describes a feature for Tap Aggregation mode, which strips IEEE 802.1BR E-Tag and Cisco VN-Tag headers from all tagged packets received on tap interface before delivering them out of tool interfaces.

This feature is provided on all platforms. The BGP listen range command has been modified to optionally allow


The 7500R 8CFPX LC linecard with ACO CFP2 optics provides connectivity over DWDM systems and links. 7500R 8CFPX LC

TOI Coherent DWDM EOS 4.18.1F

This feature is an extension to the Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN) functionality for non ECN Capable


Ethernet VPN (EVPN) is an extension of the BGP protocol introducing a new address family: L2VPN (address family

External controllers can communicate with HSC (Hardware Switch Controller) running on CVX/EOS using the OVSDB


The document describes an extension of the decap group feature, that allows IPv6 addresses to be configured and used

Ipv6 EOS 4.18.1F Decap

This document describes the current status of LANZ on DCS 7500R, DCS 7280R and DCS 7020R, for both polling and

LANZ TOI 7280R 7500R EOS 4.18.1F

This feature allows the Arista switch to act as the tunnel head for an MPLS tunnel and is exposed through two

TOI EOS 4.18.1F

This release introduces enhancements to the CloudVision eXchange and OpenStack integration. The following

Overlay IPv6 routing over VXLAN Tunnel is simply routing IPv6 packets in and out of VXLAN Tunnels, similar to

Routing TOI Ipv6 Overlay VXLAN EOS 4.18.1F

Persistent port security is a platform independent feature. Persistent port security ensures that port

EOS 4.18.1F

Sampled Mirroring is an extension of the Mirroring feature and sampling is a property of the individual mirroring session: when the session's sample rate N is specified, a packet eligible for mirroring will have a 1/N chance of being mirrored, that is, 1 packet is mirrored for every N packets.

Mirroring TOI EOS 4.18.1F EOS 4.32.0F

Hardware Table Capacity Monitoring is an existing feature to keep track of the capacity and utilization of various

When configuring or modifying a RACL applied to a VLAN interface, the VLAN will be blocked while applying the updated


DCS 7280E/R series. DCS 7500E/R series. Truncation Size: Truncation size is not available per interface.

EOS 4.18.1F

This document describes the truncation capability for Tap Aggregation, which allows tapped traffic to be truncated to a smaller size before being transmitted.

This article describes the TAP Aggregation User Defined Fields feature. The purpose of the User Defined

In EOS 4.18.0F, VXLAN direct routing was introduced on the 7500R and 7280E/R series platforms. VXLAN routing

Routing TOI VXLAN EOS 4.18.1F