Arista Networks announces 10GbE Ecosystem

Austin, Texas, Nov 18 , 2008 - Today at SC08, Arista Networks (formerly Arastra), a leading vendor of high-performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) and Cloud Networking Solutions announced interoperability with host adapters from industry leading vendors: Chelsio Communications, Intel, Mellanox Technologies, Myricom, Neterion, NetXen, and ServerEngines. Arista will be showcasing an end-to-end 10GbE ecosystem at booth #2009.

The combination of the Arista 7100 Series switches and Network Interface Cards (NICs) from these leading vendors enables scalable, low-latency interconnects between computational machines at uncompromised ten gigabit performance. This end-to-end 10 Gigabit Ethernet solution dramatically improves total cost of ownership by reducing cabling, power consumption, and space usage. It also significantly improves server utilization by eliminating today's bandwidth bottlenecks. This enables seamless application access for demanding workloads in high performance computing, market data, networked storage and video content delivery environments.

"Chelsio is excited to work with Arista Networks on the Cloud Networking initiative. The demands of high performance and data intensive applications typically found in cloud computing require the adapter and switch to work in concert to provide an enterprise grade network solution which is reliable, has high throughput, and offers very low latency," said Kianoosh Naghshineh, CEO and president of Chelsio Communications. "In addition Chelsio's support of a unified network on existing network infrastructures and our ability to offer 10 GbE line rate throughput on virtual machines will further support this initiative by reducing power consumption in the datacenter without compromising performance or manageability."

"Enterprises are looking for improved application latency and performance as well as reduced infrastructure complexity," said Sash Sunkara, vice president of marketing at Mellanox Technologies. "By deploying Mellanox ultra low-latency ConnectX EN 10 Gigabit Ethernet Adapters with support for Data Center Ethernet, FCoE offload, SR-IOV and Arista 7124S, enterprises can get almost 5x improvements in their application performance over a 1GbE network, provide compute intensive applications with improved performance, faster access to storage, and reduce complexity of their 10 Gigabit Ethernet deployment."

"Myricom and Arista enjoy a great relationship at both the sales and technical levels," said Dr. Chuck Seitz, president & CEO of Myricom. "We have a growing number of common customers, with Myricom supplying our high-performance Myri-10G 10GbE NICs and associated software, and Arista supplying their high-port-density, low-latency, 10GbE switches. Myri-10G NICs operate at or close to 10GbE wire speeds, and Myricom's tech-support team could tell stories about certain other brands of 10GbE switches at customer sites being unable to handle high volumes of full-speed traffic. We never see this kind of problem with Arista switches."

"We are pleased to collaborate with Arista Networks by demonstrating interoperability with their Cloud Networking Platform," said Jon Belcher, vice president of sales and marketing at Neterion. "Neterion's 10 GbE server adapters, featuring I/O Quality of Service (IOQoS) for virtualization, offers the industry's best latency and highest throughput without resorting to proprietary protocol offloads. At the same time, our unique, multi-channel hardware architecture enables scalability by allowing more VMs to run on an individual server. IOQoS allows individual channels to be assigned their own latency and throughput characteristics at the I/O level. It's a great match for Arista's Cloud Networking technology."

"NetXen's 10GbE Intelligent NICs deployed in combination with the Arista 7100 series deliver on the promise of ubiquitous 10 Gigabit Ethernet Networking. Together, we are bringing to market a solution that leads the industry in terms of scalability and price-performance," said Vikram Karvat, vice president of marketing and product development at NetXen. "The SFP+ copper technology supported by Arista's high-density switches and NetXen's PCI Express 2.0 NICs dramatically reduces total cost of ownership, both CAPEX and OPEX, while improving usability and reducing power consumption. And our NICs improve server utilization by delivering industry-leading performance and virtualization features, reducing OPEX even further. These factors make 10GigE attractive to datacenter managers even under current economic conditions."

"The ServerEngines' Validation Lab uses the Arista 7124S 24 port 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch. During months of continuous 10 GbE full line-rate testing with network and iSCSI storage traffic, the Arista switch has proven to be extremely reliable. ServerEngines has found at less than $500 per port the Arista 7124S offers very low latency, excellent price and overall performance. In addition, SFP+ connectivity provides the flexibility to use both optical over multi-mode fiber or cost-effective twinax cables as needed." said Kimball Brown, VP of business development at ServerEngines.

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