Arista Links Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Networks with VMware vSphere™ 4

vEOS Software Brings Hitless Upgrades, Network Troubleshooting and Configuration to VMware vSphere™ 4

Menlo Park, CA, August 26, 2009 - To address the growing need to manage hybrid virtual and physical infrastructures with multiple network operating systems Arista Networks today announced vEOS (virtualized Extensible Operating System), integrated networking software that peers with VMware vSphere™ 4 and manages the VMware vNetwork Distributed Switch to link physical and virtual machines to network policy and profiles. With vEOS IT organizations can now move workloads from physical servers to virtual machines and to cloud infrastructures while maintaining segmentation, trust boundaries, and policy control.

"With vEOS, Arista and VMware customers will now be able to more easily manage their growing converged networking infrastructure and enable easier mobility of virtual machines," said Jayshree Ullal, president and CEO of Arista Networks. "Arista’s vEOS is fully compatible and capable of co-existing with the VMware vSphere™ 4 vNetwork Distributed Switch while providing consistent administrative experience to both the network and virtualization operator."

Today's data centers are increasingly virtualized creating a management gap between physical and virtual networks. vEOS provides an industry-standard and familiar network interface to the administrator for configuration and monitoring, without disrupting the virtualized infrastructure. Focusing on ease of operations vEOS is a single system image that runs on the Arista 7000 Family of Cloud Networking Switches and as a VMware virtual appliance. Integrated within Arista's resilient and purpose-built EOS (Extensible Operating System), vEOS in concert with VMware vSphere 4 enables workloads to be mobile, preserving networking state and policy as virtual machines move around data centers and into the cloud.

"Customers like the idea of seamlessly managing their heterogeneous datacenter environments," said Shekar Ayyar, vice president, infrastructure alliances, VMware. "The new Arista vEOS complements VMware vSphere™ 4 and existing management frameworks so that customers can move workloads across mixed deployments without the headache of manual configurations."

vEOS Complements Virtualization Deployments

With new VMware vSphere 4 capabilities such as VMware Dynamic Resource Scheduler (DRS) and VMware Fault Tolerance, virtual machines move from one host to another automatically - this demands an order-of-magnitude more capacity, lower latency and new network architectures. vEOS also brings critical monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities to virtualized environments including industry first HP Openview support, standard SNMP monitoring, VM auto-discovery, and fully integrated access control while integrating with VMware Fault Tolerance to provide true high availability for the vEOS virtual appliance.

"The industry needs a strategic software platform that offers consistency to both the network and virtualization administrator. Such a transparent offering that co-exists with VMware vSphere 4 to simplify virtualization and cloud deployments is a welcome sight for the industry," says Zeus Kerravala, senior vice president at Yankee Group.

Arista Networks will be signing up customers for the open-beta of vEOS and demonstrating vEOS' unique capabilities for end-to-end network and virtualization control, fault tolerance, and single-image systems management at VMworld 2009 in San Francisco starting August 31, 2009 in booth #1438. vEOS will be available in the fourth quarter of 2009.

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