For Recorder Node queries, the recorded packets matching a specified query filter may contain duplicates when packet recording occurs at several different TAPs within the same network; i.e., as a packet moves through the network, it may be recorded multiple times. 

DMF-8.4.0 Recorder Node

This document describes two possible uses of Isilon storage connected to a DMF Recorder Node: As extra storage space extending the storage provided by the local disks on the Recorder Node. As primary storage space that relies on the local disks of the Recorder Node in a failure scenario. This secondary mechanism assumes that the remote disk configuration on the DMF controller is correct.

Recorder Node DMF-8.5.0

Enable egress sFlow to sample traffic sent to any DANZ Monitoring Fabric (DMF) Recorder Node (RN) attached to the fabric. Examining these sampled packets on a configured sFlow collector allows the identification of post-match-rule flows recorded by the RNs without performing a query against the RNs. While not explicitly required, Arista Networks highly recommends using the DMF Analytics Node (AN) as the configured sFlow collector, as it can automatically identify packets sampled utilizing this feature.

Sflow Recorder Node DMF-8.5.0