Arista Networks' CloudVision Wi-Fi™ (CVW) Software Release Policy and Life Cycle guidelines help customers and partners facilitate CVW migration and plan multi-year infrastructure deployment.

CVW Release Numbering Policy

CVW releases are numbers as per the following format - “xx.yy.zz”
For feature releases, the last number is always zero - “xx.yy.0”
For maintenance releases, all three numbers are non-zero - “xx.yy.zz”

e.g. Releases 8.8.0 and 9.0.0 are feature releases; while releases 8.8.2 and 9.0.1 are maintenance releases.

CVW Release Delivery

CVW is available as a cloud service and for on-premises deployments; either as a hardware or a virtual appliance.

In case of cloud deployments, Arista upgrades the cloud for each feature and maintenance release, and customers can decide to upgrade the access points (APs) either automatically or manually.

For on-premises deployments, upgrade images are made available to customers via the support portal.

For both cloud and on-premises deployments, upgrade images for the APs are made available on the cloud repository simultaneously with server side upgrades. Both the server and AP images carry the same release numbers.

CVW On-Premises Release Lifecycle Guidelines

Note: The release lifecycle guidelines below apply only to on-premises deployments because cloud deployments will be upgraded as releases become generally available.

Arista continues to maintain and provide support for releases that are either two feature releases or 18 months older than the current release, whichever is the smaller time interval.

Examples of Release Lifecycle

If a customer requests support for a release that is more than two feature releases or 18 months older than the current release, the customer will be required to upgrade the deployment (appliance and APs in case of on-premises deployments and only APs in case of cloud deployment) to a release not older than two feature releases before the current release.

With each release, the CVW release notes will mention the release that is no longer supported and the minimum release number to which a customer will need to upgrade for continued support.

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