This feature is a CLI show command which displays the history of system power consumption after the system boots up.

This feature is used to save power by turning off front panel LEDs when they are not needed. After this feature is enabled, LEDs will be turned off after 1 hour from the time of system boots up or feature enabled. Transceiver insertion/removal or USB insertion will cause the LEDs to turn on for 1 hour.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a way of delivering power and data over the same Ethernet wires. There have been multiple IEEE standards for PoE over the years:

Power management is a way to limit the total available power to be used for Power over Ethernet (PoE) ports. Without power management, the total amount of power that the power supply units (PSU) are able to provide is used. Power management can be used to create power redundancies. For example, if a system has 2 1050W PSUs, the feature can set the total available power to be 800W for PoE. With this configuration, 1 PSU is sufficient to power the system and the unused PSU acts as a backup source, thus giving the system a 1+1 redundancy.

Starting from EOS 4.20.5F, power supply low input voltage warning can be configured via a CLI command. Prior to the