With the 14.0 release, CV-CUE brings the ability to create checkpoints to save your current configurations, profiles, and settings. Creating and restoring a checkpoint is possible for all configuration settings available in CV-CUE. You can create a checkpoint for location based configurations, group configurations, or global configurations. For all the configurable settings that are available for a network, you can create a checkpoint to save it. 

With the 14.0 release, you can provide a custom name to your system backup file and also rename it. You can back up the entire system or only the configuration files, and restore them when needed.

Hotspot 2.0 is a standard for public-access Wi-Fi that enables seamless roaming among Wi-Fi networks and between Wi-Fi and cellular networks. With Hotspot 2.0, Passpoint-certified mobile devices such as laptops and smartphones can automatically discover and connect to Wi-Fi networks without the need of signing in manually. It is based on IEEE 802.11u standard for Interworking with External Networks. 

With the 14.0 release, CV-CUE introduces an Infrastructure Dashboard that provides an overview of the health of all managed access points (APs).You can view the Infrastructure Dashboard by navigating to

With the 14.0 release, CloudVision Cognitive Unified Edge (CV-CUE) removes the Wireless Manager(WM) UI dependency for login and for applying the service license. You will no longer be redirected to WM and can now directly login to CV-CUE from the UI. 

With the 14.0 release, you can integrate OpenID Connect with a captive portal for authentication. The OpenID Connect integration functionality is available only for captive portals hosted on the Arista Cloud. It is not available if the captive portal is hosted on third-party servers or on the access point.

With the 14.0 release, you can add device passwords and AP-Server Key passphrase as defined in the password policy. The passwords are based on the password policy and password settings that you configure in CV-CUE.

In the 14.0 release, CloudVision Cognitive Unified Edge (CV-CUE) introduces a new Report, WiFi-Radios Instantaneous.

With the 14.0 release, CV-CUE introduces the following enhancements to WIPS to ensure compliance with Wi-Fi 6 and 6E security requirements: