With CloudVision Wi Fi (CVW) release 10.0, you can drill down on an access point (AP) and see more information related

Web Shell is an online interface to remotely log into an AP via SSH. With the 10.0 release, an administrator or a

Okta is an identity management service that is primarily built for the enterprise cloud but it is also compatible with

Multicast DNS (mDNS) is used to resolve hostnames to IP addresses in networks that do not have a local name server. 

With the release 10.0, you can now use a VLAN Name to specify the SSID VLAN. One VLAN Name can be mapped to multiple VLAN

With the 10.0 release, CloudVision Wi Fi (CVW) supports monitoring the performance of web based enterprise

Enterprise networks sometimes need to tunnel Wi Fi traffic from a remote location to an endpoint in the corporate

With the 9.0 release, Arista access points (APs) now support the Enhanced Open security protocol with Transition

With CloudVision Wi Fi (CVW) 9.0, you can turn individual access point (AP) radios on or off. To understand the

With release 9.0, CloudVision Wi Fi (CVW) warns a user of any service impact caused by settings changed on the UI.

With the release 9.0, the Remote Access Point (RAP) solution enables organizations to extend their Enterprise SSIDs

With the 8.9 release, Arista APs now support the WPA3 Wi Fi security protocol. WPA3 is supported only in 802.11ax

Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) Monitoring is used to monitor access points (APs) and clients associated with

With the 8.9 release, some operations in CloudVision Wi Fi (CVW) that used IPv4 addresses of Wi Fi clients and access

With the 8.9 release, you can schedule the firmware update of Arista access point (APs) for a particular location. By

With the 8.9 release, Arista APs now support the Enhanced Open security protocol built for open networks. Enhanced

A mesh network is typically used when it’s difficult to run a wired Ethernet connection to every access point (AP).

With the 8.9 release, you can locate a specific access point (AP) or client that is added to a floor plan from

Arista CloudVision Wi Fi (CVW) eliminates the need to manually troubleshoot some commonly occuring network issues.

A Cloud Integration Point (CIP) is an Arista access point (AP) that enables the integration of the Wireless Manager

With the 8.9 release, you can now monitor two more applications: Microsoft Teams and Zoom from the DASHBOARD.

With the 8.9 release, CloudVision Wi Fi (CVW) shows wired network information for. access points

Release 8.8.1 introduces a simplified and unified specification for LED indicators across all Arista 802.11ax and

With the 8.8.1 release, the license for an on premises Arista Wi Fi server is a JSON file. The JSON license is sent in an

With the 8.8.1 release, RADIUS MAC Authentication can be configured to assign roles to clients both before and after

VXLAN is a Layer 2 technology that helps you to create a virtual Layer 2 network (overlay network) on top of a physical

The transmit power configured on UI is now treated as EIRP (Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power) instead of

This document describes a few enhancements done in Wireless Manager (WM) release 8.8 in respect of  AP firmware

Starting 8.8 release, Cloud customers can receive all events/alerts as SNMP traps. While configuring an SNMP trap

Arista WM gathers a wealth of data about the wireless deployment. The data gathered includes Wireless Intrusion

Keeping Wi Fi Access Point (AP) firmware up to date allows network administrators to take advantage of the latest