Date: 9/12/2012

Affected Software Version: EOS-4.8.0 through EOS-4.8.7, EOS-4.9.0 through EOS-4.9.5, EOS-4.10, EOS-4.10.1

Note: You must have IPv6 addresses configured on your system for this to affect you.

Bug 39915: Null pointer dereference in nf_conntrack_ipv6

Impact: A pair of carefully crafted Ipv6 Fragmentation packets may cause a null pointer dereference in the Linux kernel. This will then lead to a kernel panic and the switch rebooting.

Resolution: This is fixed in EOS-4.10.1-SSO, EOS-4.9.6, and EOS-4.10.2 and later.

Workaround: For customers who would prefer to stay on their current version of EOS, the following can be entered from super-user mode on the bash console: ip6tables -t raw -A PREROUTING -m ipv6header --soft --header 44 -j NOTRACK

There is also an extension available - SecAdvisory0002Patch, that can be used to enter the workaround and have it persist across reboot: . The compressed file contains the extension and instructions to install the same.