A new event advises when the CloudVision SSL certificate is expiring. The event will alert users 90 days in advance of certificate expiration.

Users can now preview dashboards from the main dashboards screen. This allows users to see a windowed version of the selected dashboard that can be interacted with.

The CloudVision Health dashboard is a built-in dashboard packaged with CloudVision. It provides panels displaying metrics for the cluster. 

This is an optional feature that can be enabled to automatically upgrade the EOS image of any device through ZTP. It ensures that all ZTP-enabled devices in your network have a minimum EOS image version.

Per-Studio RBAC is a new feature that provides CloudVision users with granular control over access permissions for individual studios. A relevant user can grant differing permissions to other users for both management and input configuration of individual studios. 

The Preload feature is used to streamline any change control operations that include an image upgrade. When a change control contains an image upgrade, the Preload feature can be used to create another change control operation that will download the required EOS image versions for each device.

The AQL panel is a dashboard element that allows you to create custom data displays using the CloudVision Advanced Query Language (AQL). This gives you complete control over what data the panel displays and how it displays it, because you define the inputs and write the AQL query that feeds data to the panel.

The Actions feature is used to create, view, and manage change control actions. A change control action can be a task

Studios is our new and powerful tool for managing the configuration of network features. Through a point-and-click interface, you can quickly and easily complete complex tasks without the need for a CLI or any expertise in configuration syntax. It is fully customizable, meaning that you can create and edit your own network features for configuration. This gives you complete control over the configuration of your network.