The syslog export feature allows users to export audit logs to external server endpoints and monitor the status of these exports using CloudVision.

Syslog CVP CVP 2021.3.0

When a CVP cluster is deployed in a different location from the devices under management, it is possible that it

Nat CVP CVP 2021.3.0

When managing multiple devices, it can be useful to see which hardware and software components are approaching their

CVP 2021.3.0 Compliance Lifecycle

The AQL panel is a dashboard element that allows you to create custom data displays using the CloudVision Advanced Query Language (AQL). This gives you complete control over what data the panel displays and how it displays it, because you define the inputs and write the AQL query that feeds data to the panel.

CVP CVP 2021.3.0 Dashboard

The disk usage prediction event monitors the historical device disk usage on a given disk partition and from this data

CVP Events CVP 2021.3.0

CVP will generate events when a provisioned device goes out of config or image compliance.  When a device is assigned

CVP CVP 2021.3.0 Compliance

This integration uses TrustSec data from Cisco ISE to create MSS-G configuration to distribute to switches via CloudVision.

CVP Ise CVP 2021.3.0 MSS G

Session Management is a new section on the CloudVision Settings > General Settings page that allows users to

CVP Session CVP 2021.3.0

The Actions feature is used to create, view, and manage change control actions. A change control action can be a task