This feature provides the ability to configure the MTU value of fwd devices in a specific vrf or across vrfs. A default

MTU 4.26.0 Fwd

Global layer 3 Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU) feature provides a CLI command to set the MTU value for all layer 3

MTU 4.23.1F

IP traceroute and path MTU (PMTU) discovery both require that routers send ICMP reply messages to the host that invokes each network function. When the route to the destination host traverses an MPLS label-switched path (LSP), the label switching routers (LSRs) will also need to send ICMP reply messages to the originating host.

MRU (maximum receive unit) enforcement provides the ability to drop frames that exceed a configured threshold on the ingress interface.

Add support for Layer 3 MTU on 7280R3/7500R3/7800R3 switches. Enforces the MTU for Layer 3 packets on

MTU 4.23.1F