Arista 750 Series Cognitive Campus Modular POE Leaf Switches

Designed for the demands of the interconnected IoT enabled campus, the 750 Series delivers high performance connectivity for all campus user workloads under the management and monitoring of Arista cognitive campus services. The 750 Series systems in conjunction with the 720 Series fixed PoE switches offer a variety of connection options for user desktops, PoE access points, appliances and IoT devices.

Arista’s cornerstone EOS® combines cognitive campus network features and state of the art merchant silicon to deliver critical services that automate deployment, configuration, visibility troubleshooting and security. The Arista cognitive campus architecture encompasses spline, leaf and wireless infrastructure platforms, telemetry and analytics, and a single image EOS that supports an expanding feature set and partner ecosystem of solutions.

Arista 750 Series Advantages:

  • 5 and 8-slot compact systems for space and power saving optimized for wiring closets and maximum density
  • Providing options for 10M to 10G 802.3bt PoE ports and a choice of 25G and 100G uplinks with multi-rate optics.
  • Providing options for 1/10G SFP ports
  • Cognitive power management and integrated security on all ports
  • Rich Telemetry with Cognitive Flow Trackers for CloudVision, IPFIX and sFlow
  • Campus Resilience with always on PoE and in service maintenance and upgrades
  • Industry standard 802.1Q, VRFs and VXLAN/EVPN segmentation
  • EOS programmability and cognitive management plane monitoring APIs

Featured Video: Arista 750 Modular Switches For Campus Networks

Arista EOS delivers rich features for cognitive campus networks with advanced provisioning and monitoring, secure segmentation, rich QoS and reliability that are required for modern always on networks.

The cognitive management plane, native in EOS, provides real time telemetry to capture key performance metrics of infrastructure, device, application and user data for SLA monitoring and troubleshooting.

Next Generation IoT and Wi-Fi Networks

  • Cognitive PoE to avoid over-engineering and costly upgrades
  • Always on active-active uplinks for up to 400G of capacity
  • Cognitive Telemetry with IoTvision and CloudVision
  • 10-100M, 1G, 2.5 and 5 mGig, and 10G with up to 60W 802.3bt
  • 1/10G SFP support
  • SFP and QSFP modules supporting 1G to 100G with multi-rate optics
  • Wire speed architecture and up to 384 ports
  • Compact system for space constrained wiring closets

Arista EOS

  • Common OS for all Arista platforms
  • Fine-grain modular protected memory architecture with fault Isolation
  • In-service-software-patches and Self-healing stateful fault repair (SFR)
  • Smart System Upgrades
  • Access to Linux tools and extensive APIs for automation and AI

Secure Campus

  • Pervasive MACsec for next generation campus*
  • Secure Zero Touch Provisioning
  • Secure Segmentation
  • CloudVision telemetry

Availability and Efficiency

  • Independent Control plane and Data plane
  • Midplane less non-blocking architecture
  • Dual supervisor and redundant switch cards
  • Hitless insertion and removal of all components
  • Dynamic and Continuous PoE
  • N+1 intelligent cooling with redundancy
  • Smart System Upgrade and Stateful Switchover *

Cognitive Management Plane

  • Hardware based real time telemetry with dedicated resources
  • Flowtracker monitors infrastructure, device, user and application flows
  • IPFIX and sFlow to collect and export flow telemetry
  • Inventory and threat assessment capabilities
  • Application support from third parties

Arista 750 Series Technical Specifications

The Arista 750 Series 8-Slot and 5-slot Systems support a choice of line cards and supervisor modules with the following capabilities

  • Up to 60W PoE
  • Up to 10G SFP
  • Secure Campus with MACsec on all ports
  • Reliability with isolated control plane and data planes
  • High availability with supervisor and switch card redundancy
  • Resilient power and cooling with redundancy and hot-swap
  • Dynamic and Continuous PoE
  • Cognitive Management plane with real time telemetry and visibility

The following table compares the capabilities of the 750 series campus switches.

  750 Series 8-Slot
750 Series 5-Slot
Total Number of Slots 10 7
Line card Slots 8 5
Supervisor Module Slots 2 2
Supervisor Module Redundancy Yes Yes
Max Supervisor Ports 8 x 10/25G or 4 x 40/100G
Max 10G-T Ports 384 240
Max 2.5G Ports 384 240
Max 1G Ports 384 240
Height 10RU 7RU
Power Supply 10 6
Fan Modules 8 6

750 Series Line Card Specifications

750 Series line cards provide a choice of speed and density addressing cognitive campus edge requirements for 10Mb to 10G allowing connectivity for a broad range of IoT devices with intelligent power management to dynamically manage power allocation increasing efficiency.

 Linecard Module
CCS-750X-48ZXP CCS-750X-48ZP CCS-750X-48TP CCS-750X-48THP
Ports  48 x 10G-T RJ45 48 x mGig RJ45 48 x 1000-T RJ45 48 x 1G-T RJ45
Interface Speeds 1G, 2.5G, 5G and 10G 100Mb, 1G and 2.5G 10Mb, 100Mb and 1G 10Mb, 100Mb and 1G
10Mb 0 0 48 48
100Mb  0 48 48 48
Max 1G 48 48 48 48
Max 2.5G  48 48 0 0
Max 5G 48 0 0 0
Max 10G 48 0 0 0
PoE 60W all ports 60W all ports 30W all ports 90W all ports
Linecard Module
(Non PoE)
Ports 48 x SFP+
Interface Speeds 1G/10G
Max 1G Ports 48
Max 2.5G Ports 0
Max 5G Ports 0
Max 10G Ports 48
PoE Ports N/A