Side Panel

The side panel of the AP has a reset pinhole, USB port, and console port.

Figure 1. Side Panel
Table 1. Labels: Side Panel
Label Description
1 Reset
3 Console
Port Description Connector Type Speed/Protocol

Establish ‘config shell’ terminal session via serial connection

  • RS 232 Serial (115200 bits per second)
  • Data bits:8; Stop bits: 1
  • Parity: None
  • Flow Control: None
USB USB 2.0 port USB Future Use

Reset to factory default settings port. Hold down and power cycle the device to reset.

Pinhole push button N/A

When you reset the AP, the following settings are reset:

  • Config shell password is reset to config.
  • Server discovery value is erased and changed to the default, (primary) and wifi-security-server (secondary).
  • All the VLAN configurations are lost.
  • If a static IP is configured on the AP, the IP address is erased and DHCP mode is set. The factory default IP address of the AP is