This feature allows configuring a per-port PTP domain number, which may be different from the global PTP domain number, which will apply to PTP messages sent or received on that port. With this configuration applied, transmitted messages will contain the port-specific domain number and received messages will be accepted if they contain the port-specific or global domain number.

This feature enables L3 reachability for the PTP on the switch using one or more shared “Loopback” interfaces.

The CCS-750X-48ZXP is a 48 port 10GBASE-T linecard, capable of several full-duplex link speeds to support connecting to a variety of compatible devices of varying capabilities. All supported linkup speeds on this card can be automatically selected during the linkup process using IEEE 802.3 Clause 28 auto-negotiation. Note that IEEE 802.3 also allows for speeds lower than 1Gbps to link up without clause 28 auto-negotiation.

Hitless speed change enables changing the configured speed on one interface without impacting traffic on any of the