This document describes a new feature of Arista Analytics offering the ability to consolidate Netflow V9 and IPFIX records by grouping those sharing similar identifying characteristics within a configurable time window.

IPFIX DMF-8.4.0 Analytics Node DMF-8.5.0

Integrate subnets and corresponding extensible attributes from an Infoblox application into Arista Analytics’ collection of IP blocks and corresponding list of attributes.


Analytics Node DMF-8.5.0

This document describes a new feature of Arista Analytics that combines Netflow and IPFIX records containing application information with Netflow and IPFIX records containing flow information.This feature improves the visibility of data per application by correlating flow records with applications identified by the flow exporter.

IPFIX Analytics Node DMF-8.5.0

A new feature of Arista Analytics offers the ability to upsample traffic volume sampled by NetFlow V9/IPFIX and SFlow.This feature provides a better visibility of traffic volumes by approximating the number of bytes and packets from samples collected by the NetFlow V9/IPFIX or SFlow sampling protocols. It provides those approximation statistics along with the ElasticSearch statistics. The feature bases the approximations on the flow exporter’s sampling rate or a user-provided fixed factor.

IPFIX Analytics Node DMF-8.5.0

The Analytics Node (AN) incorporates a feature known as topic_indexer, designed to facilitate data ingestion from customer Kafka topics and its subsequent storage into Elasticsearch indices.

DMF-8.4.0 Analytics Node Topic Indexer