EOS 4.22.1F adds support for disabling the IS IS authentication check for received IS IS PDUs. By enabling this

Authentication IS-IS 4.22.1F Rx Disabled

LDP per-neighbor authentication provides greater flexibility in the authentication of LDP routers in a network. Individual routers or groups of routers may be configured with different passwords to enhance security and to ensure certain routers do not exchange MPLS

Authentication LDP NEIGHBOR EOS 4.27.2F

This feature provides support for SPIFFE-ID in OpenConfig. The SPIFFE-ID will take precedence over any metadata usernames or common name username found. This username will be used for all AAA operations. 

The OSPFv2 Secure Hash Algorithms (SHA) Authentication support as defined in RFC 5709 supports the configuration of

Authentication OSPF 4.22.0F HMAC-SHA

This document describes the support for authenticating users using SSH certificates and the authorized principals command in EOS. SSH certificate authentication was previously restricted to just using the authorized principals file. This file is populated by configuring authorized principals for each user. In order to login with a SSH certificate a user must present a certificate that includes at least one of their configured principals. The authorized principals command allows this list of configured principals to be generated by an executable dynamically at runtime. This provides a more flexible and scalable way to perform SSH certificate authentication.

Authentication EOS 4.28.2F SSH

This feature adds support for configuring multiple authentication keys each with a specified lifetime using a shared secret profile. With a shared secret profile, a current key (key having the most recent start time) is automatically picked as per the lifetime specified. Authentication types supported are MD5 and SHA. The feature can be configured at both global and interface level. SHA algorithms supported are SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512.

Authentication Isis EOS 4.30.0F