CVX Client Configuration

This section describes the CVX client configuration and commands that enable CVX services. Most commands for the configuration of the CVX client infrastructure are accessed in Management-CVX configuration mode.

  • Enabling CVX on the CVX Client

CVX client parameters are configured in Management-CVX configuration mode. Management-CVX configuration mode is not a group-change mode; running-config is changed when commands are entered, and exiting the mode does not modify running-config. The management cvx command places the switch in Management-CVX configuration mode.

CVX client is disabled by default. The no shutdown (Management-CVX) command enables CVX client on the switch.

For the CVX network topology service to create an inventory of all CVX clients, ensure that lldp is enabled on each client switch using the lldp run command.


These commands enter Management-CVX-configuration mode and enable the CVX client.

switch(config)#lldp run
switch(config)#management cvx
switch(config-mgmt-cvx)#no shutdown
  • CVX Client Heartbeat Configuration

A CVX client synchronizes and maintains contact with CVX by exchanging heartbeat signals. The heartbeat transmission frequency and timeout period define when communication with CVX will be considered down.

The interval between heartbeat messages that the CVX client transmits is configured by the heartbeat-interval (Management-CVX) command.

The CVX client timeout period is specified by the heartbeat-timeout (Management-CVX) command. When a CVX client does not receive a subsequent heartbeat message from CVX within this timeout period, the client assumes that services provided by CVX are no longer available.

Best practices dictate that a CVX client's heartbeat interval and heartbeat timeout values are identical to those of the CVX server to which it connects.


This command configures a CVX client heartbeat interval of 30 seconds and client timeout period of 90 seconds.
switch(config-mgmt-cvx)#heartbeat-interval 30
switch(config-mgmt-cvx)#heartbeat-timeout 90

Connecting the CVX Client to a Server

The server host (Management-CVX) command identifies the location of the CVX server that the client accesses. The source-interface (Management-CVX) command specifies the interface from which the client derives the IP address it uses as the source in CVX packets that it transmits. And the no shutdown (Management-CVX) command enables CVX on the client switch.


These commands configure the switch as a CVX client, connecting to a CVX server at IP address and using IP address as the source address for its outbound packets.
switch(config)#interface loopback 5
switch(config-if-Lo5)#ip address
switch(config-if-Lo5)#management cvx
switch(config-mgmt-cvx)#server host
switch(config-mgmt-cvx)#source-interface loopback 5
switch(config-mgmt-cvx)#no shutdown