Arista 凭借其软件驱动的云网络方法领军网络行业。这些都是建立在具有可编程接口、发布-订阅状态分离、弹性故障封闭和自修复特性的 Arista EOS®。CloudVision® 将相同的架构方法扩展到整个网络中具有基于状态的整个网络视图,以及私有云、公共云和混合云中。这使客户无需进行大量的自定义内部开发即可迁移到云级自动化。CloudVision 是针对工作负载编排、工作流程自动化和实时遥测的全网络方法,是用于为云网络的“交钥匙”解决方案。

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CloudVision 将物理网络抽象为这种更广泛的全网络角度,允许为多种业务和网络遥测用例提供一种更有效的方法,包括以下亮点:

  • 集中化呈现分布式网络状态,允许实现单点集成和全网络可见性与分析
  • 通过使用开放式 API(如 OVSDB、JSON 和 Openstack 插件)为物理和虚拟工作负载编排提供与控制器无关的支持。
  • “交钥匙”自动化,用于初始和持续零接触服务开通、配置管理和全网络变更管理,包括自动升级、网络回滚和网络快照。
  • 用于安全、审核和补丁管理的合规性控制面板
  • 针对网络遥测和分析的实时状态流式处理,这是一种替代旧的逐个设备轮询的现代方法。
  • 状态仓库、分析引擎和遥测应用程序,为实时监视和用于鉴证故障排除的历史网络状态提供了前所未有的粒度水平
  • Cloud TracerTM,可在私有云、公共云和混合云环境中查看网络互连和服务的可用性
  • 宏观细分服务提供自动化和无缝的服务插入以及与合作伙伴安全平台的集成


Arista 的客户正在尝试跨其物理和虚拟基础设施编排工作流程。Arista EOS CloudVision 是与 Arista 广泛的生态系统合作伙伴解决方案系列实现更深度集成的平台,包括 VMWare NSXTM、Hewlett Packard Enterprise、Palo Alto Networks、Checkpoint、Fortinet、ServiceNow、Red Hat、Linux Foundation 等等。

CloudVision Universal Network ObservabilityTM(CV UNOTM) is Arista’s modern, multi-domain network observability platform that integrates application visibility with CloudVision’s already powerful network telemetry base in providing unparalleled insights into application and workload performance across data centers, campuses, and wide area networks. It harnesses the power of NetDL architecture and AVA-driven proactive analysis and prescriptive recommendations, accelerating root-cause identification and propelling rapid issue resolution. This innovative solution proactively reduces human error, streamlines issue resolution for unforeseen events and provides precise root cause analysis of network events and their impact on application delivery.

Key CV UNO benefits:

  1. Integrated Workload Application and Infrastructure Visibility
    CV UNO constructs a composite picture of the entire network and application environment - essentially an application-to-network graph. This graph is continually refreshed and stored in a time-series database, providing a dynamic, historical account of the environment's evolution and state, ensuring deep visibility and understanding of application flows through the network at any given moment.
  2. Proactive Risk Analysis
    CloudVision’s change control workflows (including AVD) leverages CV UNO’s application intelligence, empowering organizations to scrutinize potentially disruptive network changes rigorously before their deployment into production and mission-critical networks, ensuring operational resilience and stability.
  3. Realtime Impact Analysis
    When an application performance is impacted, CV UNO, without deploying any host-based agents, is able to quickly help the operator or engineer answer the critical question “is the issue on the network or in the application?” by driving to the accurate root cause of the issue, thereby reducing the resolution time and simplifying cross-functional coordination for the operations team.

CV UNO - Arista’s Platform for Network Observability

CloudVision® Universal Network Observability™ Enabling Self-Diagnostic Networks

Available as a premium feature set on Arista CloudVision as-a-Service(CVaaS), CV UNO leverages one or more CV UNO Sensor VMs, strategically deployed on-premises to collect, normalize, and meticulously curate flow/SNMP data from diverse sources such as physical/virtual compute and third-party network devices. This holistic data is then coupled with CloudVision’s deep view of the networking state and stored into NetDL. CV UNO then harnesses machine intelligence-based analysis on this composite NetDL data to identify application and topology-aware correlations across events, application behavior changes, and application flow anomalies. This advanced functionality accelerates impact analysis and expedites issue resolution with unprecedented efficiency delivering a comprehensive, 360o observability powered by the following key feature highlights:

  • Private cloud visibility, leveraging API integration with VMware vCenter to augment application, flow and event information into NetDL data
  • Application Discovery workflows to discover and classify applications
  • Application Dashboard page, that shows all the applications, application health, performance, services, critical events, top bandwidth consumers and more
  • Application Dependency Mapping topology overlaid with flow metrics (like latency, data usage etc) to not only visualize interaction between application services but also enable faster root cause analysis
  • Application Flow graph, that visualizes directional, bandwidth-aware, inter-service application flows
  • DANZ Monitoring Fabric (DMF) as a Data source to support collection of end-to-end TCP analysis and flow data generated from DMF
  • Enhanced 3rd Party Device Visibility to also support flow data collection from 3rd party devices into NetDL. This extends CV’s SNMP based 3rd Party Device support.
  • End-to-End Visualization that elevates CV’s network topology visualization to now display physical / virtual end hosts in the topology, showing how applications are connected to the network and also identifying application flow-level potential bottlenecks or performance issues.
  • Enhanced CV’s Fault / Anomaly Detection, Event Correlation, Inference and Alerting algorithms to also take application context, application events, end-to-end TCP analysis events in consideration in addition to CV’s network-centric events.

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