Arista has pioneered the networking industry with its software driven cloud networking approach built on top of Arista EOS® with programmable interfaces, publish-subscribe state separation, resilient fault containment and self-healing attributes. CloudVision® extends the same architectural approach across the network with a state-based view of the entire network, across private, public and hybrid clouds. This enables customers to move to cloud-class automation without needing significant custom internal development. CloudVision is a network-wide approach for workload orchestration, workflow automation and real-time telemetry as a turnkey solution for Cloud Networking.

Featured Video: CloudVision Overview

CloudVision’s abstraction of the physical network to this broader, network-wide perspective allows for a more efficient approach for several operational and network telemetry use-cases, including the following highlights:

  • Now offered as an on-premises appliance (virtual or physical appliance) or as a SaaS-based software application that is fully managed by Arista
  • Turn-key automation for initial and ongoing Zero Touch Provisioning, ZTP as-a-Service, configuration management and network-wide change control–including automated upgrades, network rollback, and network snapshots
  • Compliance dashboard for security, audit and patch management Real-time state streaming for network telemetry and analytics, a modern approach to replace legacy polling per device
  • State repository, analytics engines and telemetry viewers to provide an unprecedented level of granularity in real-time monitoring and historic network state for forensic troubleshooting
  • Cloud Tracer™ for visibility into the availability of network connectivity and services across private, public, and hybrid cloud environments
  • Macro-Segmentation Service provides automated and seamless service insertion with integrations by partner security platforms
  • Centralized API gateway for both northbound and southbound integrations, leveraging OpenConfig, gRPC, and REST APIs

Ecosystem Integration

Arista’s customers are trying to orchestrate workflows across their physical and virtual infrastructure. Arista CloudVision is the platform for deeper integration with a broad array of Arista’s ecosystem partner solutions, including VMWare NSX™, Palo Alto Networks, Check Point Software Technologies, Fortinet, ServiceNow, Red Hat, Linux Foundation, and many others.