CloudVision® is Arista’s modern, multi-domain management platform that leverages cloud networking principles to deliver a simplified NetOps experience. Unlike traditional domain-specific management solutions, CloudVision enables zero-touch network operations with consistent operations enterprise-wide, helping to break down the complexity of siloed management approaches.

As Arista’s platform for Network as-a-Service, CloudVision is designed to bring OpEx efficiency through automation across the entire network lifecycle - from design, to operations, to support and ongoing maintenance.

CloudVision - Arista’s Platform for Network as-a-Service

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CloudVision is built on a Network Data Lake (NetDL) architecture that leverages realtime state to provide an abstraction of the physical network to a broader, network-wide perspective allowing for a more efficient approach for several operational and network telemetry capabilities including the following highlights:

  • Multi-domain scope, bringing consistent network operations to Data Center, Campus, WAN/Interconnect, Media & Entertainment, and multi-cloud use-cases
  • Cloud-native architecture, offered with the same feature set across both cloud service (SaaS) and on-prem appliance (virtual or physical) deployment options.
  • Real-time state streaming for network telemetry and analytics - a modern approach to replace legacy polling per device
  • State repository, analytics engines and telemetry views to provide an unprecedented level of granularity in real-time monitoring and historic network state for forensic troubleshooting
  • Cognitive analytics, leveraging the rich NetDL data source as the basis for training AI/ML models to generate better recommendations and insights for operators
  • Turn-key automation with CloudVision Studios for initial and ongoing provisioning, ZTP as-a-Service, configuration management and network-wide change control–including automated upgrades, network rollback, and network snapshots
  • Compliance dashboard for security audit, patch and lifecycle management
  • Support for the Unified edge, with wired and wireless views and dashboards, including IoTvision™
  • NetDevOps workflows, providing extensibility for CloudVision to integrate into a broader continuous integration (CI) pipeline
  • Cloud Tracer™ for visibility into the availability of network connectivity and services across private, public, and hybrid cloud environments
  • Macro-Segmentation Services to provide automated and seamless service insertion with integrations by partner security platforms
  • IP Broadcast operations, including specific dashboards and Media Control Services (MCS) integration with technology partners
  • Centralized API gateway for both northbound and southbound integrations, leveraging OpenConfig, gRPC, and REST APIs

Ecosystem Integration

Arista’s customers are trying to orchestrate workflows across their physical and virtual infrastructure. Arista CloudVision is the platform for deeper integration with a broad array of Arista’s ecosystem partner solutions, including Ansible, Forescout, Palo Alto Networks, ServiceNow, VMWare NSX™ and many others.

CloudVision Universal Network ObservabilityTM(CV UNOTM) is Arista’s modern, multi-domain network observability platform that integrates application visibility with CloudVision’s already powerful network telemetry base in providing unparalleled insights into application and workload performance across data centers, campuses, and wide area networks. It harnesses the power of NetDL architecture and AVA-driven proactive analysis and prescriptive recommendations, accelerating root-cause identification and propelling rapid issue resolution. This innovative solution proactively reduces human error, streamlines issue resolution for unforeseen events and provides precise root cause analysis of network events and their impact on application delivery.

Key CV UNO benefits:

  1. Integrated Workload Application and Infrastructure Visibility
    CV UNO constructs a composite picture of the entire network and application environment - essentially an application-to-network graph. This graph is continually refreshed and stored in a time-series database, providing a dynamic, historical account of the environment's evolution and state, ensuring deep visibility and understanding of application flows through the network at any given moment.
  2. Proactive Risk Analysis
    CloudVision’s change control workflows (including AVD) leverages CV UNO’s application intelligence, empowering organizations to scrutinize potentially disruptive network changes rigorously before their deployment into production and mission-critical networks, ensuring operational resilience and stability.
  3. Realtime Impact Analysis
    When an application performance is impacted, CV UNO, without deploying any host-based agents, is able to quickly help the operator or engineer answer the critical question “is the issue on the network or in the application?” by driving to the accurate root cause of the issue, thereby reducing the resolution time and simplifying cross-functional coordination for the operations team.

CV UNO - Arista’s Platform for Network Observability

CloudVision® Universal Network Observability™ Enabling Self-Diagnostic Networks

Available as a premium feature set on Arista CloudVision as-a-Service(CVaaS), CV UNO leverages one or more CV UNO Sensor VMs, strategically deployed on-premises to collect, normalize, and meticulously curate flow/SNMP data from diverse sources such as physical/virtual compute and third-party network devices. This holistic data is then coupled with CloudVision’s deep view of the networking state and stored into NetDL. CV UNO then harnesses machine intelligence-based analysis on this composite NetDL data to identify application and topology-aware correlations across events, application behavior changes, and application flow anomalies. This advanced functionality accelerates impact analysis and expedites issue resolution with unprecedented efficiency delivering a comprehensive, 360o observability powered by the following key feature highlights:

  • Private cloud visibility, leveraging API integration with VMware vCenter to augment application, flow and event information into NetDL data
  • Application Discovery workflows to discover and classify applications
  • Application Dashboard page, that shows all the applications, application health, performance, services, critical events, top bandwidth consumers and more
  • Application Dependency Mapping topology overlaid with flow metrics (like latency, data usage etc) to not only visualize interaction between application services but also enable faster root cause analysis
  • Application Flow graph, that visualizes directional, bandwidth-aware, inter-service application flows
  • DANZ Monitoring Fabric (DMF) as a Data source to support collection of end-to-end TCP analysis and flow data generated from DMF
  • Enhanced 3rd Party Device Visibility to also support flow data collection from 3rd party devices into NetDL. This extends CV’s SNMP based 3rd Party Device support.
  • End-to-End Visualization that elevates CV’s network topology visualization to now display physical / virtual end hosts in the topology, showing how applications are connected to the network and also identifying application flow-level potential bottlenecks or performance issues.
  • Enhanced CV’s Fault / Anomaly Detection, Event Correlation, Inference and Alerting algorithms to also take application context, application events, end-to-end TCP analysis events in consideration in addition to CV’s network-centric events.

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