Prior to this feature, we supported a maximum of two levels of Forward Equivalence Class (FEC) hierarchies for vxlan routing tunnels in hardware.

Generic UDP Encapsulation (GUE) is a general method for encapsulating packets of arbitrary IP protocols within a UDP tunnel. GUE provides an extensible header format with optional data. In this release, the ability to encapsulate MPLS over GUE packets of variant 1 header format has been added. 

Point to Point VXLAN Pseudowires are now supported on the 7280R and 7500R platforms in this release. This

The Inner IP hashing for MPLSoGRE feature enabled hashing of inner IP source/destination address. With this

This feature provides a way to export non ISIS routes into level 1, level 2 or both by using route map's set clause. The

This feature adds VRF support to Routing Information Protocol(RIP). It allows for RIP instances in multiple non